• Image of XL Sack - taupe suede
  • Image of XL Sack - taupe suede
  • Image of XL Sack - taupe suede
  • Image of XL Sack - taupe suede
  • Image of XL Sack - taupe suede

one taupe in stock
this bag IS XL in size...lots of leather and holding capacity!
no closure. no lining. inside and outside pockets.
shoulder strap is adjustable (by approximately an inch or two or you could add more holes to strap)

*for closer look at strap detail please visit XL Sack - tan suede on this site.

suede options: black and tan
leather options: veg tan, tan, brown, black and plaster

dimensions (approximate):
20.5"w x 21"h
6" gusset

- tax will be charged determined by the bags final destination
- for international shipping please contact me directly.
- available for wholesale

veggie tan is an unprotected leather. it will pick up evidence of your life. the color will eventually darken/patina to a caramel color. if you get caught in the rain, rain spots will show (and create a beautiful texture), if liquid is spilling on it that liquid will become part of the patina. if you are bothered at all by spots and other character building marks on your veggie tanned leather...this bag is not for you. adding protective coating (will darken the color).

terms & conditions:
no cancellations. no returns. only (pre-approved) repair or exchange for like style/price point of unused defective product. sdg to be notified of issue within 7days. defective means (for example) a hole that is not a design element. not considered defective: leather has natural irregularities of surface and variations in color. some leathers have distressing of surface inherent in its finish and used as a design element.