• Image of wabi sabi denim leather - dark denim/black band - medium
  • Image of wabi sabi denim leather - dark denim/black band - medium
  • Image of wabi sabi denim leather - dark denim/black band - medium

size option: XL AND M
M - $225 ready to ship now
XL - $295 made to order. allow 1 week.
no closure. no lining. inside pocket. unfinished edges, fraying and imperfect (wabisabi) stitch detail on leather band are part a design intent. shoulder strap is adjustable by untying and retying straps.

available in natural denim, medium blue denim and dark denim

MEDIUM wabi sabi denim-leather
smaller size option (approximate):
15"w x 17.5"h
2-3/4" gusset
price: $225

XL wabi sabi denim-leather
dimensions (approximate):
20.5"w x 21"h
6" gusset
price: $295

photograph strap connection to remember how to reattach.
to wash bag remove strap by untying at one end. machine wash cold, wash separate, hang to dry. do not tumble dry. veg tan leather will darken in wash and dry slightly stiff (will soften quickly with use) and wrinkled (which adds a nice texture...is cool). if you'd like to know more about veg tan leather, please contact me. will send you an info sheet.

note: blue and dark denim will bleed until it doesn't.

veg tanned leather is hide that is processed (tanned) using organic materials such as tree bark and other types of plant based substances. veg tan leather in its natural form is in a sense nude and susceptible to your environment picking up evidence of your life. adding a protective coating will darken the leather. if you get caught in the rain rain spots will show. exposure to light and sun over time will darken the tone of the leather. spills and spotting will become part of the patina. if you are bothered at all by spots and other character building marks on your veg tanned leather - a veg tan leather bag may not for you. that said, veg tan leather is my favorite bag leather. its (eventual) rich caramel colored patina is like a living canvas of your life's adventures and each marking a memory.

- tax will be charged determined by the bags final destination
- for international shipping please contact me directly.

terms & conditions:
no cancellations. no returns. only (pre-approved) repair or exchange for like style/price of unused defective product. sdg to be notified of issue within 7days. defective means (for example) a hole that is not a design element. not considered defective: leather has natural irregularities of surface and variations in color. some leathers have distressing of surface inherent in its finish and used as a design element.