• Image of nomadic 1 - tan

leather body, outer pocket, metal button leather strap closure, no lining.
one tan leather in stock
for more images of this design, please visit nomadic 1 in black, plaster and veg tan.

approximate dimensions:
15"w x 13.5"h
also available in plaster, tan and veg tan leather.
last image of tan leather nomadic 1 in stock.

- tax will be charged determined by the bags final destination
- for international shipping please contact me directly.
- available for wholesale

terms & conditions:
no cancellations. no returns. only (pre-approved) repair or exchange for like style/price of unused defective product. sdg to be notified of issue within 7days. defective means (for example) a hole that is not a design element. not considered defective: leather has natural irregularities of surface and variations in color. some leathers have distressing of surface inherent in its finish and used as a design element.