• Image of Coryander and her veg tan leather Saddlebag

this is a reposting from Coryander Friend's instagram feed dated March 12, 2017: (location Sri Lanka)

Rollin on the train today from Galle back to Colombo, in a complete circle, in keeping with the full moon they celebrate today a Buddhist holiday, Poya - a beautiful finale to a magical adventure....oh, and that's my @ediekahulapereira Specialty Dry Goods bag that's been from South Africa to Sri Lanka with me within the last 6 months and just keeps looking better with wear.

for more details and images look for 'Saddlebag - veg tan' on this site.
one veg tan leather bag in stock.

all leather. one large external pocket, one interior pocket. no lining. no closure. strap attachment sewing detail. veg tan leather softens and darkens as you wear. dimensions (approx): 16"w x 17"h